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The Road in 2019

Benjie Higgins and Isabella Greenwood explore what it means to be on The Road in 2019. How do we connect to people, and what spaces exist for us to do that? Keep Reading

‘Cyclops’: McGill Classics Play entertains and educates

From Feb. 6 to 9, audiences at the Théâtre Sainte-Catherine Café-Bar were treated to an intrepid rendition of Cyclops, an ancient Greek play by Euripides. This run of Cyclops was the latest edition of a time-honoured theatrical spectacle: The McGill Classics Play. Every year since the 2011 staging of Aeschylus’ Agamemnon, McGill students in the Classical… Keep Reading

Breaking Bread

Time slows down when I enter a Montreal diner. It slows down because the menu is so long, and it takes forever to read through and decide, for certain, what to order. It slows down because the plates are so big that it takes forever to eat a meal. And it slows down because conversations… Keep Reading

The war on Valentine's Day

St. Valentine’s Capitalist Manifesto

It seems that, every year, the public outcry against Valentine’s Day threatens to overwhelm the holiday itself. Browsing through the opinion sections of online publications, it is impossible to escape the feeling that a war is unfolding against the holiday. According to recent trends, the percentage of the population celebrating Valentine’s Day has been declining in… Keep Reading

Inkless, employable personas

Employable, inkless personas

Whether by feigning confidence in an interview or embellishing responsibilities on a resumé, people often present an enhanced version of themselves to prospective employers. Many industries, like law and finance, maintain conservative hiring practices that pressure prospective employees to craft an inauthentic personal presentation by covering tattoos or piercings and keeping hair dyed a traditional… Keep Reading

The lasting hangover of McGill’s drinking events

With midterms right around the corner and classes proceeding at full pace, events like Carnival, E-week, and Science Games seem distant. While your onesie might be neatly stored away and the lingering smell of beer washed off of your clothes, the impacts of these events on participants’ health can linger. Following periods of intense drinking,… Keep Reading

Curiosity Delivers.
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