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From the viewpoint: Montreal Sketchfest

Being funny is not easy. Being funny when people expect you to make them laugh is even harder. Fortunately for us, Montreal attracts humble masters of the art of comedy: Performers who know how to perfectly create humor through the juxtaposition of injury and cheer, but who do not pretend to be superior in their… Keep Reading

Banks speaks to all the senses at Le Metropolis

It didn’t take long for listeners to latch onto Jillian Banks, better known simply by her last name: Banks. Her sound is an amalgamation of pop and R&B with a spooky techno-alternative twist; her visuals are dark and laden with metaphors; her style is sleek, seductive, and minimalist. After releasing her first album, Goddess, in… Keep Reading

The Lost City of Z – Review

True historical epics have been lacking in recent years, as many of the latest film attempts have fallen flat (Ben Hur, King Arthur). Director James Gray’s breathtaking new film The Lost City of Z, however, proves that the genre still has much potential.   The story, which spans more than 20 years, begins at the turn… Keep Reading

Why it pays to slow down this summer

Remember your elementary school summers? When school was out and the living was easy? Goodbye, long division–hello ice cream sandwiches, sleepover camp, and Saturday morning swimming lessons. As an undergraduate student, summers are sort of like those swimming lessons. Except instead of learning to float on your back, someone just throws you into the deep… Keep Reading

NHL Expansion Draft Preview

The 2017 NHL Expansion Draft, taking place June 18-20, will mark the addition of a 31st team to the National Hockey League: The newly-minted Las Vegas Golden Knights. The NHL has drafted a set of rules that aim to create a competitive, brand-new team by selecting from existing NHL teams. The McGill Tribune previews the… Keep Reading

Roger Waldinger

CSDC hosts acclaimed sociologist Roger Waldinger

Both in the United States and in Europe, the rise of populist political movements and candidates has brought the issue of immigration to the forefront of politics. Seeing as the topic is one of importance to students, the Centre for the Study of Democratic Citizenship (CSDC) hosted, on May 26, UCLA sociology professor Roger Waldinger… Keep Reading

A roundtable discussion on the Girls finale

HBO’s Girls aired for the last time on April 16. The series finale, titled “Latching” which garnered a wide array of reactions from film and TV critics, featured main character Hannah Horvath (Lena Dunham) in the early stages of motherhood, assisted by her best friend Marnie Michaels (Allison Williams). In what many have considered to… Keep Reading

PGSS hosts panel on emotional labour

On May 23, the Post-Graduate Student Society (PGSS) hosted a panel on emotional labour and emotional abuse and how these ideas function within the broader systems of violence. Panel members included Equity Educational advisor (Anti-Racism and Cultural Diversity) Shanice Yarde, Montreal-based writer Malek Yalaoui, and PhD candidate in the Department of Integrated Studies in Education… Keep Reading

Principal Suzanne Fortier re-appointed at Board of Governors meeting

On May 25, the McGill Board of Governors (BoG) met in a closed session to approve the re-appointment of Principal and Vice-Chancellor Suzanne Fortier for a second five-year term beginning July 1, 2018. Immediately following Fortier’s reappointment, the BoG held an open meeting, which began with a discussion of several grant requests for genomic research.… Keep Reading

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