Robyn – Body Talk Pt. 2

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Part two of three in Swedish singer-songwriter Robyn’s Body Talk project continues what one can only assume is her mission to bring class and quality back to mainstream pop music. How is she doing this? The magic of Robyn’s music lies not in its form but in its execution. With the range and volume one would expect from an experienced pop singer, she is also a lyricist with unexpected depth and intensity.

Behind this formidable front-woman is an equally impressive production crew. The success of the first Body Talk installment was in no small part due to veteran Swedish producer Klas Åhlund and contributors Röyksopp and Diplo. Åhlund takes the wheel again on the second part of Body Talk with a fresh set of collaborators: Kleerup (who has worked with Robyn before), Diplo (again) and strangely enough, Snoop Dogg. Fresh from working with another pop star, Katy Perry, Snoop throws down a few verses on “U Should Know Better,” one of Body Talk’s best efforts. Also notable is the album’s first single “Hang With Me,” a love ballad discouraging heartbreak, which showcases Robyn’s production team at its best, creating gorgeous, layered electro tracks for Robyn to sing over. Throughout the rest of the album, robotic symphony of thumping bass lines and synth arpeggios abound, always crowned by Robyn’s distinctive and seductive vocals.

There can be only one conclusion when listening to Body Talk—this is what good pop music should sound like.