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Girlpool evokes the pain of transition in ‘What Chaos is Imaginary’

Contemporary indie bands tend to follow a well-worn formula based on monotonic, parched vocals delivering angsty lyrics over a simple, distorted guitar. Fans and critics likely expected little else from Girlpool’s newest release, What Chaos is Imaginary. The band fits all of the criteria—two teens from L.A. who got their […]

‘True Crime’ doubles down on deception

True Crime is labyrinthine. The show, which played at the Centaur from Jan. 8-27, recounts indie-singer-turned-true-crime-writer Torquil Campbell’s real-life investigation into his con man doppelgänger, Christian Karl Gerhartsreiter. In 90 short minutes, Campbell whirls through his crimes, a series of kidnappings and murders, portraying Gerhartsreiter and his many aliases. Campbell also […]

Tuesday Night Café Theatre’s annual 24-hour play festival spotlights up-and-coming actors

In the 24 hours from Jan. 25 to 26, six student playwrights, directors, and actors met for the first time to write, produce, rehearse, and perform original student-written play as a part of the Tuesday Night Café Theatre (TNC)’s annual festival. Each play had to incorporate certain elements, including the […]