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Snoop Dogg – The West Coast Blueprint

In celebration of Priority Records’ 25th anniversary, hip-hop legend Snoop Dogg runs through his catalogue of West Coast favourites in The West Coast Blueprint. With a few well-placed interludes, Snoop guides the album along like a radio DJ, providing insight and commentary on California hip-hop’s golden age. Blueprint has tracks that any casual hip-hop fan will recognize and also includes some forgotten gems. Tracks like “Pay Ya Dues” by Low Profile and “Playaz Club” by Rappin’ 4-Tay have bass and G-Funk vibes, but they failed to earn the universal respect that “Eazy-Duz-It” and “Alwayz Into Somethin” achieved.

Get off with the Help of your Friends

The latest movie to tackle the age-old convention of nerds trying to lose their virginity is aptly called The Virginity Hit. The film, with its newcomer cast, was produced by Will Ferrell. With the support of such a typically hilarious actor, one might assume that the movie promises to be as funny as some of his other film exploits. While it does have some funny moments, The Virginity Hit ultimaetly doesn’t hold a candle to Ferrell’s past work.

POP RHETORIC: Outlive, Outplay, Outlast

Thailand. Guatemala. Panama. Fiji. Micronesia. The list goes on. Any television show filmed in these places is automatically cool in my books. Of course I’m talking about Survivor, the best show on television. I usually get the same reaction when I talk about the show; “You still watch that?” Or eve; “That’s still on?” Yes, Survivor is still on and I still watch it.

CD REVIEW: Sweet Thing- Sweet Thing

With their self-titled debut, it’s easy to see that Toronto’s Sweet Thing have Top 40 ambitions. Whether or not they’ll get there remains to be seen. The album certainly contains elements that suggest they will: the punchy guitars of “Gun,” the shimmering synths of “Lazy Susan,” and the soaring vocals of “A Change of Seasons” are all perfectly pop rock enough to satisfy any fan of the genre, but they still have a long way to go.