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Drinking in the footsteps of Richler

Alice Walker Alice Walker Mordecai Richler never attended McGill University, but it’s likely the university’s administrators wish he had. Richler, the acclaimed Montreal novelist whose works depict the city in gritty detail, is the namesake of McGill’s new writer-in-residence program, which will bring two authors—one Anglophone, one Francophone—to McGill to […]

Comeback Kid Sure Does Live up to its Name

Winnipeg isn’t the first place that comes to mind when you think of the Canadian music scene, but there’s a good case for bumping it a bit higher on your list. The city has produced some amazing bands over the years: the Guess Who (and spin-off BTO), Propaghandi (and spin-off the Weakerthans), and a little artist named Neil Young. Comeback Kid represents the heavier side of the ‘Peg, and has carried on the city’s DIY punk tradition. “There’s always been a healthy underground following for the punk hardcore kind of thing,” says Comeback Kid guitarist Jeremy Hiebert. “I’m 34 years old and it’s never been super hard to find people who book local stuff throughout the years. There’s still kids doing that, renting community centres or whatever.”

His town

At one point in The Town, Doug MacRay gazes upward at an airplane jetting through the sky, signifying the possibility of life beyond small-town Boston. But the image is as fleeting as the lives of the bank-robbing bandits the film portrays, and it seems as though MacRay (played by a melancholy Ben Affleck) is in this town to stay.

Easy A: good girl gone bad … sort of

Everyone loves a good comedy, and in that respect Easy A does not disappoint. The movie tells the story of a scrupulously ordinary high-schooler, Olive Penderghast (Emma Stone), whose clean reputation becomes unexpectedly tarnished when uber-Christian classmate Marianne (Amanda Bynes) spreads a rumour that she lost her virginity over the weekend. Although Olive was the one who originally started the rumour, this is quickly forgotten as the situation snowballs throughout the first half of the film.

When Dinner goes Down the Red Carpet

Celebrities have been known to make outlandish scenes on the red carpet—whether it’s for publicity, a personal crusade, or a political statement involving sporting a meat dress. For those of you who saw the recent MTV Video Music Awards, you know what I’m talking about. Not since Jennifer Lopez’s Dolce and Gabbana V-neck that went all the way down to her navel have so many jaws dropped so fast. You can thank Franc Fernandez for his carnivorous couture creation. Fernandez, the designer of Lady Gaga’s dress, created the unusual garment out of slabs of meat, complete with a matching hat, purse, and shoes.