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Film and TV

Pop Rhetoric: John Hughes and ‘80s auteur relevance

In 1984, the world was introduced to a director who would leave a monumental impact on the American film industry. John Hughes made his writer-directorial debut with the underdog comedy Sixteen Candles. Having already written films such as Mr. Mom and National Lampoon’s Vacation, Hughes took his filmmaking one step further by directing the story… Keep Reading

Film and TV

Has “How to Get Away with Murder” lost its pizazz?

How to Get Away with Murder just finished its second season, and so far it is not at all impressive. What started as a ground-breaking and provocative television series is rapidly becoming mundane and vapid. This was expected, however, seeing as Shonda Rhimes is the executive producer of the show. Though Rhimes is deserving of… Keep Reading

Film and TV

Flashback: Ikiru (1952)

“A man dying of cancer searches for life meaning.”  When condensed into this single phrase, the plot of Ikiru seems trite and simple. Yet renowned director Akira Kurosawa is an original storyteller who uses this familiar narrative to create an existential masterpiece.  The opening shot of the film is an X-ray of a stomach belonging… Keep Reading

Film and TV

Video Games in Education: Turning GPA into EXP

In an era where social media sites are dominated by the likes of Farmville, bars and pubs increasingly entice patrons with the prospect of some drunken Dance Dance Revolution, and even the elderly have been swept by the rush of Candy Crush, video games have successfully expanded beyond their niche origins and have permeated society… Keep Reading

Movies filmed at McGill
Film and TV

Spotted: McGill in the movies

When you’re trying to make it to your 8:30 a.m. lectures on a freezing cold February morning, it’s hard to imagine that McGill resembles the bowels of the Pentagon or a military base during the zombie apocalypse. Yet in the past, Hollywood has managed to transform locations around campus into exotic locations. Here are a… Keep Reading

Film and TV

Fokus Film Festival showcases student creativity

Time and time again McGill students prove that the lack of a formal visual arts department is in no way an obstacle to fantastic productions. Fokus Film Festival is just one example of the wealth of creativity at this school, and as the only festival of its kind the submissions are particularly rich and interesting.… Keep Reading

Broad City
Film and TV

Pop Rhetoric: A love letter to Broad City

A new saying has been circulating among my friends after a failed night out or an especially quirky encounter with a stranger: Having a ‘Broad City moment.' This connotes a mantra, a lifestyle—a way to bask in the sheer ridiculousness that is everyday life as a young ‘adult.’   The description is inspired by Comedy Central’s… Keep Reading

Embrace of the serpent
Film and TV

Movie Review: Embrace of the Serpent

After an Oscar season that was packed to the brim with survivalist epics, viewers could be forgiven for not wanting to see yet another “man vs. nature,” movie. However, if there’s one film that weary audiences should make room for, it is Embrace of the Serpent. Sure, it doesn’t boast flame-throwing murder guitarists or Leonardo… Keep Reading

Film and TV

Deadpool is a triumph for fans, a challenge for general audiences

In 2014, a short clip of Deadpool test footage was leaked on YouTube, after the character was considered too crass for movie screens. The video—which has since been deleted by 20th Century Fox—sparked a movement among fans who had been altogether disappointed by the character’s 2009 appearance in X-Men Origins: Wolverine. On Feb. 12, the… Keep Reading

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