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Film and TV

Sisterly love: Mustang gives nuanced portrayal of female coming-of-age stories in patriarchal societies

Content warning: This film features elements of sexual abuse. The coming-of-age stories that frequently grace movie screens are those of teen rebellion, unrequited love, and summer adventures. Deniz Ergüven’s Oscar-nominated film Mustang contains qualities of all of these aspects, but adds nuanced maturity and an overwhelmingly poignant storyline. At the heart of the film are… Keep Reading

Film and TV

Pop Rhetoric: Respectability politics in “Fresh Off the Boat”

A year in, Fresh Off the Boat (FOTB) is still much of the same: An occasionally poignant portrayal of the immigrant experience tempered by whitewashed sinophilia. Take last week’s episode for example. Right before Chinese New Year, FOTB aired the first depiction of Mandarin Chinese New Year on American primetime TV. For mainland Mandarin viewers,… Keep Reading

Film and TV

From the viewpoint: Ann Arbor Film Festival

As a newcomer to art house cinema, I wasn’t sure what to expect from the 53rd Ann Arbor Film Festival’s screening of 13 short films by independent filmmakers at Cinémathèque Québécois on Saturday night. It could have been the hushed atmosphere of a dimly lit room, or maybe the fact that everyone around me seemed… Keep Reading

Making a Murderer
Film and TV

Making a Docudrama: Is Making a Murderer really the ‘true story’ it’s cracked up to be?

Warning: This piece contains spoilers. Making a Murderer has become an omnipresent subject of discussion in the media since its release in late December. Creators Laura Ricciardi and Moira Demos initially started working on the project in 2005, following the arrest of Steven Avery for the murder of photographer Teresa Halbach. The idea has since been… Keep Reading

Belle de Jour
Film and TV

Flashback: Belle de Jour (1967)

Belle de Jour is Luis Bunuel’s most recognizable and commercially successful film, praised for its status as an erotic masterpiece despite demonstrating virtually no sexual explicitness. Friends with both Salvador Dali and André Breton, Bunuel was a pioneer of surrealist cinema and enjoyed using the medium of film over his 50-year-long career to demonstrate his… Keep Reading

5th wave
Film and TV

The 5th Wave more one singular wave of disappointment

Stop me if this sounds familiar: In a post-apocalyptic nation, one spunky hero sparks a trilogy-long revolution against a corrupt government, as the fate of the world rests upon their shoulders. The 5th Wave proves to be a lacklustre addition to the current trend of young-adult (YA), dystopian thrillers, which includes the likes of The Hunger… Keep Reading

Trib Mix
Film and TV

Past vs. Present: Paradise Lost (1667) vs. Ex Machina (2015)

Warning: This piece contains spoilers from the film Ex Machina. Alex Garland’s 2015 film Ex Machina is, in fairly obvious ways, a creation story for the modern age. Nathan (Oscar Isaac)—who strikes the balance between charm and egomania with uncanny precision—is the film’s self-styled deity. Nathan is Narcissus equipped with a research lab; instead of… Keep Reading

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