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What we liked this summer: Pandemic edition

With the start of virtual classes, it feels like we’ve been jolted out of a limbo. Still, with Netflix binges about to be replaced by Zoom classes, we can at least say that our five months indoors have given us plenty to watch, listen to, and read. The pandemic aside, […]

An end in sight: How independent Montreal cinemas are coping with COVID-19

Quebec authorities have allowed concert venues, theatres, and cinemas to open as of June 22 as part of the province’s deconfinement plan. The government’s lack of forewarning from, however, left some independent venues unprepared and unable to open on June 22 without sufficient safety measures—such as shields and precise measurements […]

‘Influence’ presents a damning portrait of Lord Tim Bell

Influence, written and directed by Montreal-based documentary filmmakers Diana Neille and Richard Poplak, sets forth a captivating portrayal of Lord Tim Bell, the British advertising executive who co-founded the public relations firm, Bell Pottinger, and helped to put Margaret Thatcher into 10 Downing Street. Influence does not get lost in the […]