Darrelle London: Eat a Peach

The tone of Eat a Peach, the sophomore release of self-described “quirky Canadian piano-pop singer-songwriter” Darrelle London, can be easily construed by the title of the album itself. Not only does London impressively blend clever quirkiness in a way that is similar to modern British indie-pop icons like Lilly Allen and Kate Nash, but she also manages to create lyrics that are sophisticated and relatable.

The album’s opener, “First Date,” a snarky recounting of a first date gone horribly wrong, is an excellent preview of the tone of the rest of the album, which features humorous interpretations of common interpersonal problems. While some female artists mix heavy subject matter with morose and wailing vocals, London’s witty, light persona is extremely refreshing, as are her simple yet charming musical arrangements. “Forgot My Words” is the standout song of the album with its catchy chorus and strong vocals, and “Fine” also deserves recognition for its ability to catch your interest just as well as the rest of the album, despite being the only relatively mellow track.

Although the lyrics are well-written and the piano accompaniment is exceptionally catchy, the most alluring aspect of the album is London’s engaging and free-spirited personality, which shines through on every track. Her raw, yet skillful vocals draw you in from the beginning of Eat a Peach, and, no matter your mood, put a smile on your face.

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