CD REVIEWS: Line Spectra: Maps & Directions

Line Spectra has finally released their first studio album. For the past couple years, you may have noticed this all-girl trio playing at staple venues around Montreal and even a few shows at OAP. These ladies wield their instruments with a fancy, sparkle and a twist. They have a wide-range of influences, from Metric to U2, Jimmy Eat World to Blondie, and The Clash to Dashboard Confessional. While these ladies are sweethearts, don’t mistake them for “just another girl band.” That being said, Montreal’s Diana Lalla (guitar & bass), Vanessa Morelli (vocals), and Kathy Perrilini (percussion) create a smooth and engaging type of rock throughout their debut Maps & Directions. Many of the band’s better-known tracks are unfortunately not on the album but this shouldn’t deter fans, since Maps & Directions is still strong. Some of the best songs on the album are “Darts,” “Elevators,” and “Old Charms.” This band is just getting stronger and their sound is getting sharper. Line Spectra are on the rise and catching the wave along their journey is the best part.

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