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Album Review: Caribou – Our Love

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Canadian composer Daniel Snaith has followed the success of Swim (2010) with his sixth studio album, Our Love. Snaith, known by his stage name Caribou, continues to push the edges of experimental electronic music. Upbeat hip-hop vocals overlaid with gritty beats creates a Drake-meets-James Blake vibe that pushes listeners to the edge of their seats.

Our Love, like Swim, draws listeners in with “Can’t Do Without You”an earthy, and upbeat song that sets the stage for the rest of the album. All of Our Love, but particularly the opening track, is Snaith’s tribute to his fans— he relentlessly uses masterful mixes with breathy vocals to pull the listener into a song that feels like a diary entry.

The intimacy and the power of the lyrics only continue to impress in “Silver,” as whispers of  “Where you gonna go without me tonight?/ Don’t you know what that means to me?” echo through the listener.

R&B overlays bring a distinct flavor to Our Love that was absent in Swim. While Swim satiated the listener’s need for twitchy beats and an unnerving presence, Love gives the listeners an escape from the anxious rhythms with chocolaty vocals.

The album’s name draws from its fourth track “Our Love,” which, despite the lyrical deficit—“Our love” being the only two words on the track—Sanith manages to astound, using drums, violins, maracas, and a considerable amount of bass to get the listener moving.

Our Love’s only flaw is “Second Chance,” a cacophonic mess that proved that some R&B beats should not be synthesized and slowed down.

Snaith’s latest album has hands down been his most danceable, and as he continues to shift his sounds, I’m excited for what’s ahead.

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