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Hotel Formes Sauvages

Disturbing, wild, and free

Featuring an abandoned apartment building, a mysteriously vacant concert hall, and a trash-filled pavilion, André Fortino’s video triptych, Hôtel Formes Sauvages is a journey into the manic, startling, and often disturbing world of performance art. The exhibition—held at the Fonderie Darling’s Gallery in Cité Multimedia—is Fortino’s first show in North America. The main hall is… Keep Reading


Vittorio brings posters to life

Montreal Through The Eyes of Vittorio celebrates Vittorio Fiorucci (1932-2008), an Italian poster artist who established himself in Canada in the early ‘50s and whose work is now internationally renowned due to its iconic artwork and designs. The exhibit opens with a statement from Vittorio dated shortly before his his death “There are those who… Keep Reading

George Zimbel Marilyn Monroe

Zimbel finds excitement in every moment

Earlier in September, The Montreal Museum of Fine Arts debuted a retrospective of photographer George S Zimbel, an artist famous for his high-profile portraits of icons such as Marilyn Monroe, John F. Kennedy, Helen Keller, and Billy Graham. Zimbel has displayed his work everywhere—from New York’s Museum of Modern Art to Institut Valencia d’Art Moderne—but… Keep Reading

mock-up of Simon Frasier University

When a sketch comes to life

Since the middle of the 20th century, Arthur Erickson’s buildings have modified Canada’s physical, cultural, and architectural landscape. Université du Quebec a Montréal’s (UQAM) Centre du Design is currently bringing his work to light in Arthur Erickson: Lignes topographiques / Sight Lines, a showcase of previously unseen sketches that would eventually become some of his… Keep Reading


Take me to church: Sistine Chapel comes to Montreal

Few works are as universally recognized or as globally revered as Michelangelo’s masterful works in the Sistine Chapel. Created in the early 16th century, these works depict scenes from the Bible’s Book of Genesis, biblical prophets, and the ancestors of Jesus. Among its most recognizable images are the Great Flood, the battle between David and… Keep Reading

David Marvin Street Chronicles

Street Chronicles: Impressions of Montreal

Along a crowded sidewalk in downtown Montreal panels of mounted photographs overlook McGill College Avenue. At first glance, the photographs offer a simple glimpse into the past, but on closer look, they are mementos of individual lives that have been touched by the city. On another level, the photographs offer a poignant perspective on the… Keep Reading


If you die in real life, do you die on Facebook?

From the highly nuanced political arguments that inhabit its comment sections, to the hordes of cuddly critters that distract us from our ever-present deadlines and chores, Facebook is undeniably an important aspect of our modern lives. Regardless of whether you are a casual user, dabbling in the occasional post, or a full-fledged comment crusader, Facebook… Keep Reading

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