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What's the problem?

Asking a generation: What’s the problem?

Located in the Latin quarter of downtown, Théâtre Sainte-Catherine Café-Bar hosts What’s the problem?, an impressive photography exhibit by Ana Jovmir. The collection centres on a group of physically beautiful young adults and issues they feel themselves facing in capitalist society. The images capture their expressions and reactions to life. The message the exhibit arrives… Keep Reading

No Gender

No Gender art exhibit reveals consequences of the gender binary

Walking into the opening party for the No Gender art exhibit at NEVERAPART gallery, there was an undeniable atmosphere of community and celebration. This immediate sense of excitement was juxtaposed with the seriousness of what was on display.  For artist Sylvain Tremblay, the concept behind the No Gender exhibit was sparked 15 years ago on a… Keep Reading

Virtual Reality

21st century challenges: Centre Phi’s virtual reality exhibit brings you closer to the news than ever

Artistic mediums are generally defined or even created by the technologies that facilitate them. Virtual Reality (VR) stands as the next ‘big thing’ to fundamentally alter the way humans visually interact with almost everything. Taking a stroll through your favourite tourist destination, watching movies that unfold around you, or even seeing political debates from a… Keep Reading


Museum Review: Patrick Bernatchez “Goldberg Experienced.04”

In one cavernous space, the heads and shoulders of audience members at “Goldberg Experienced.04”—an eight piano rendition of Bach’s “Goldberg Variations”—sway to different rhythms. For every individual, it may be a specific piano that resonates with them, or a single note appearing once in the hour-long piece, or a pattern subtly detected from beginning to… Keep Reading


Nudism & Cubism: Dana Schutz exhibit sheds new light on Cubist painting

Painter Dana Schutz’ exhibit mixes the experimental vigour of modernism with a personal and approachable style. The work has a clear relationship to cubism, representing figures in an atypically, fragmented manner, but it does not share the clinical eye that is representative of the movement for which Picasso is known. Rather than inviting the male gaze… Keep Reading


From the Viewpoint: Tibetan Cultural Fair

My friend and I were in a pretty good mood when we got to the church basement. The Tibetan bazaar in its entirety boasted an elevated circular stage in its centre, surrounded by vendors hawking their wares from tables to passersby. There was Tibetan calligraphy being taught in the corner nearest the entrance, and next… Keep Reading


Neutralité utilizes primary colours

Rad Hourani has no need to be humble. The 33-year-old fashion designer is an accomplished photographer, filmmaker, and is perhaps most notorious for his ‘invited member’ status within the world’s premier high fashion group, the Chambre Syndicale de la Haute Couture. Hourani’s style attempts to transcend the constructs used by humanity to categorize and order… Keep Reading


Hank Bull: Connexion communicates art into the everyday

Canadian artist Hank Bull concerns himself with the working process involved in the creation of art, and much of what is on display in the exhibit is a mixture of his own art and the art he has produced in collaboration with other artists. His exhibition Hank Bull: Connexion alludes to the influence of media… Keep Reading

Art Cuba

The colours of Cuba

Cuba has received a lot of international attention recently due to the improvement in its relationship with the United States. Though prospects seem better now, the Cuban population has had to endure much hardship after Fidel Castro’s 1959 revolution. The economic sanctions imposed by the Organization of American States (OAS) in 1962,  coupled with the… Keep Reading

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