A Glimpse Into The Other World dismantles colonial impulses with confounding visuals

Kushapetshekan / Kosapitcikan—A Glimpse Into The Other World, the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts’ (MMFA) newest installation, would be easy to miss were it not for the strange and otherworldly sounds emanating from the dark room at the far end of the museum’s permanent collection of contemporary art. Whether intentional or […]

Artist Profile: Natalie Manchia’s artistry, pragmatism, and success

Entrepreneurial success, artistic ambition, and full-time enrollment can rarely exist in fruitful harmony. Natalie Manchia is a U2 Management student in her third year, combining her business acumen with a love of fashion. She recently created her own line of handcrafted, streetwear-inspired clothing, Natalie Manchia Designs Inc. Over the past year, […]

Parisian Laundry’s latest exhibition juxtaposes the visceral with the downright bizarre

Joseph Tisiga’s IBC: Dystopic Autonomy, on display at the Parisian Laundry gallery until Nov. 20, is a complex play on primitivism, where the contemporary meets the mythological in a series of watercolour paintings and un-stretched canvases mounted on AstroTurf. For a portion of the work displayed within the exhibition, Tisiga […]

Art history student takes art to the streets under pseudonym Sloast

Instead of hibernating in McLennan, the student artist known as Sloast has spent her graduating year steadily building up a fan base. With 1,300 Instagram followers, her support  is strong and growing. She was featured in The Market Cooperative in the Students’ Society McGill University’s (SSMU) ballroom where she first […]

‘(Sm)all Good Things’ blends humour and street art

Whether it’s due to genuine humility or  intentionally contrived coziness, the Station 16 gallery feels approachable. Sandwiched between an Irish pub and a stylish hair salon on Boulevard Saint-Laurent and Rue Milton, the gallery specializes in graffiti and street-art inspired exhibits, making it the perfect location to house Eric Clement’s […]