Naked Days: Sleeping in Herndon

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Naked Days, an eclectic band hailing from Leesburg, Virginia, brings us a unique arrangement of acoustic alternative sound. Reminiscent of the likes of The Silversun Pickups, Edward Sharpe and The Magnetic Zeroes, and Montreal’s own Thus:Owls, this indie foursome fuses a muffled, low-definition sound with sweet lyrical supplement in their newest album titled Sleeping in Herndon. Featuring patchy percussion, quirky vocals, and dashes of violin and trumpet, Naked Days impresses with some tracks, and bores with others.

Of the six songs on Sleeping in Herndon, two are noteworthy. “Bran Flakes” features the complimentary vocals of Degnan Smith and Amanda Schiano Di Cola that act as a strong call and response through the male and female lyrical dynamic. The muffled sound and prominent acoustic guitar work well here, as well as in “Bug Eyes”—the only other song truly worth a listen. Both encompass Naked Days’ acoustic yet scratchy riff quality, juxtaposed with a sultry harmony, which are lacking in the rest of the album (particularly in “Cold Cold Dairy” and “Bird’s Brain”).

The overall feel to this sophomore album was amateurish, with occasional flares of potential. The band hovered around a concrete sound, but didn’t seem to agree on it. I haven’t given up on you just yet, Naked Days. Third album’s the charm?

—      Bronte Martin