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i-Week panel examines relationship between migrants and Indigenous communities

Building relationships between international students, migrants, and Indigenous peoples was the focus of a panel discussion hosted by the Social Equity and Diversity Education Office (SEDE) on Thursday. According to Juhi Sujan, administrative coordinator at SEDE, the event was coordinated to address an unique subject matter. “In envisioning the event, […]

Beauty in simplicity

Somedays, clothes become frustrating. A brief look in the mirror and negotiations with the garments begin. Suddenly, dressing oneself quickly turns into a 3-D jigsaw puzzle of colours, textures, and shapes. In the end, we often just want something simple and pleasant. On the corner of Ave. Laurier and l’Esplanade, […]

Contributors from this year

Our contributors make this paper possible. Thank you! We love you. Mayaz Alam Rebecca Alter Mido Assran Emilio Assuncao Rebecca Babcock Hrant Bardakjian Max Berger Justin Berot-Burns Anand Bery Priyanka Biljani Ilia Blinderman Matt Bobkin Anna Bock Tara Boghosian Leah Brainerd Naomi Braude Tessa Bryant Kevin Caplice Meghan Chand Kegan […]