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Maggie Knight – President

How did you prepare for this year over the summer? There are a lot of things that have to be accomplished over the summer, from just making sure you’re up to speed in your portfolio, transitioning from the person before you … as president, it’s really important to make sure […]

Maggie Knight – President

How will your experience with SSMU influence your approach if you are elected? I’m very aware of the fact that many students don’t understand SSMU. We need to be making ourselves much more accessible in a variety of ways to reach a variety of audiences. I think there’s a big […]

Maggie Knight

Please note that Maggie Knight has been sanctioned for contacting campus groups prior to the opening of the campaign period.  Hello! I’m Maggie, a BASc Environment & Economics student from Victoria, BC. With over 3 years’ SSMU experience as Councillor and Environment Commissioner, I know SSMU inside-out. As a leader […]

SSMU Report Cards

Maggie Knight (President): A Maggie Knight was dealt a very difficult hand this year as SSMU president. While this may have distracted her from some of her goals, the Tribune has no hesitation in saying she has done an exceptional job as president. The Strategic Summits, while allowing a safe space for discussion, were sparsely […]

Hochelaga Rock may be moved in fall Pow Wow

Momentum is building to move the Hochelaga Rock to a more prominent location on campus. A symbol of Iroquoianand Canadian history, the rock currently sits on lower field in between the Roddick Gates and the Welcome Centre. The Hochelaga Rock was installed in the 1950s by Parks Canada to commemorate the indigenous history of Montreal. In 1860, construction workers […]

Motion to censure SSMU VP External fails by vote of 11-11-1

A motion to censure SSMU VP External JoëlPedneault failed at SSMU Council’s meeting last Thursday, March 29, with a narrow vote of 11 for, 11 against, and one abstention. The motion, submitted to the floor by nine movers, cited several reasons to censure Pedneault, including his use of SSMU funds to print materials promoting a student strike, his decision […]