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Letter to the Editor: Eliyahu Freedman

As a former SSMU Councillor, two-time meal plan holder, and frequent visitor of the Shatner Building, I was extremely disappointed to read of the current SSMU executives’ plan to delay the creation of a Student-Run Café in the Shatner building. A Student-Run Café is about social and environmental sustainability; it’s […]

McGill will host two Consultation Fairs to discuss the new Statement of Values and Operating Procedures. (Simon Poitrimolt / McGill Tribune)

McGill releases new documents on how to deal with protests

McGill released the latest set of documents regarding protests and demonstrations on campus on Monday. Originally a draft protocol on demonstrations, these documents consist of a Statement of Values and Principles on freedom of expression and freedom of assembly, and a set of Operating Procedures regarding demonstrations, protests, and occupations […]

MUS passes referendum to change constitution

In a referendum that closed on Thursday, 92.4 per cent of voting Management students approved major changes to the Management Undergraduate Society’s constitution.  “[The constitution is] very, very altered,” said Eli Freedman, Management representative to the Students’ Society Council and member of the redrafting committee. “We basically took a document […]

Students voice concerns at GA Town Hall

Holly Stewart Roughly 40 students attended a Town Hall meeting last Wednesday held by the Students’ Society to discuss a proposed referendum question about reforming the General Assembly. The proposed motion would replace the GA with an Annual General Meeting and an online voting period for referendum questions. SSMU Council […]

Don’t touch my junk, bro

McGill Tribune Don’t be surprised if you run into increasingly shocking and obtrusive security measures at airports this holiday season, courtesy of the Transportation Security Administration (TSA), a body of the United States Government.  The latest twist in the ongoing farce of increased airport security measures is the installation of […]

All motions pass at sparsely attended GA

Last Thursday, the student body passed all six resolutions proposed at a sparsely attended Fall General Assembly. The resolutions regarding the Students’ Society liquor licence, gender parity, and liability were passed with few or no amendments. The resolutions regarding the volume in Gert’s, the Arts Undergraduate Society fundraiser, and the […]